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Rare Ornate Chair Style Wood Opium Den Lamp
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An intricately hand carved wooden opium den lamp in the shape of a chair. The carving on the front bottom panel is a scene with 3 people. The central character seated at a table appears to be of the scholar class. The brackets on each side have a guardian figure. Used to illuminate Chinese opium dens, lamps like this were often their only source of lighting. The lamp’s burner bowl is stoneware is most likely a replacement. Upon close examination you can see that there was a bar across the back of the “chair” which is missing as result of a fire evidenced by some charred wood. In the photos you can see a very old repair using metal staples. As you can imagine, original oil burning lamps made of wood are extremely hard to find. It measures about 11.5” high x 5” wide (29.2 cm x 12.7 cm). Besides being highly collectible and very decorative, this is definitely a great conversation piece. Study photos carefully. Please feel free to ask questions.