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Japanese Men's Kimono with Airplane Flown by American Cecil Allen
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Very RARE early 1930’s Japanese dark brown textured silk jacket with a hand painted lining commemorating the flight of the Clasina Madge flown by American pilot, Cecil Allen, in a race from Japan to the United States. Cecil A. Allen, 1904-1935, was a well known racing pilot whose heroic deeds were admired by the Japanese, as evidenced by this kimono. Allen’s plane, formally the Emsco* renamed Clasina Madge, is shown flying by Mt. Fuji with two Japanese planes accompanying him. Considered to be in very good antique condition, with only issue being 7 very small holes on the plane’s wing. The jacket measures 52 inches across the shoulders by 43” long. Dates circa 1931.

*More Information about the flight and plane:
Following an aborted flight in 1930, the Emsco was left in Japan to be sold. Subsequently used in an American transpacific attempt by Cecil Allen and Don Moyle, they renamed the Emsco to Clasina Madge and took off from Sabishiro September 8, 1931. Unfortunately got lost and, after flying aimlessly for more than a day, landed on Siberia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. The pair eventually headed on toward the United States with stops in the Aleutians and Alaska. The Clasina Madge finally reached Tacoma on September 25, 1931.