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Old Carved Hardwood Mala Prayer Bead Necklace 18 Lohan and Buddha
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Intricately hand carved wood Buddhist prayer necklace depicting the 18 Lohans and Buddha. The 18 Lohans are Deer Sitting, Happy, Raised Bowl, Raised Pagoda, Meditating, Oversea, Elephant Riding, Laughing Lion, Open Heart, Raised Hand, Thinking, Scratched Ear, Calico Bag, Plantain, Long Eyebrow, Doorman, Taming Dragon and Taming Tiger. The hardwood is a yellowish brown similar to huanghuali. Each bead measures a little over 2 inches (5.1 cm) making the necklace 36" long (91.4 cm) with a 2" drop for the Buddha. In excellent condition, it dates late 1960 or earlier and was carved by a very skilled artisan.